Our Story

I’m Katie Jensen, I have been a maker, creator, and DIYer for my entire life! I have a passion for taking something old or plain and turning it into a beautiful new piece. One of my super powers is my inappropriate sense of humor. I believe that laughing through life is the key to happiness.
I have been married for 15 years and have two beautiful children. My daughter, Taylor is 12 & son, Deacon is 8. My first career was a hair stylist, I received my license in 2001 and loved the creativity I could put into providing the perfect hair style for each client and the connections I made with my clients. I left each day knowing I had made someone feel beautiful and good about themselves. While doing hair I was a military wife for 13 years. We loved traveling all over the U.S. meeting so many forever friends and raising our kids in the military community. My husband was medically retired, we decided to move back to WA to be around family and go back to school in our mid 30’s. Last year I earned my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, with high honors and in under 3 years! I’m a motivated person and I set a goal to create something beautiful daily! I love teaching others the crafting techniques I have learned over the years! I absolutely love watching others unleashing their creativity and watching them grow, it’s one of my true pleasures in life.